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Treatment of varicose veins by folk remedies

Varicose - this is a disease that delivers quite a lot of trouble, because for many it is connected not only with painful sensations, but also with experiences regarding the deterioration of appearance. As a result of the development of varicose veins, the correct bloodstream is disturbed and the failure of the valve vehicles of the veins appears. Today, along with medication, many people successfully apply treatment of varicose methods by folk methods.

Tinctures helping to fight with varicose

Effective treatment of varicose veins is mainly based on the use of tinctures:
- From nettle: Two tablespoons of fine-chopped nettle are brewed with a glass of water, insist and then filter. The medicine should be drinking month, 3 times every day at a quarter of an ordinary glass. Then take a break for two to three weeks and, if necessary, repeat the course;
- From a nutmeg: The ground walnut is stirred with a tablespoon of honey and brewed with a glass of water. Insist the drink half an hour, after which they drink a glass of means an hour before meals and as much when after meals will take two hours;
- From the colors of horse chestnut: 50 grams are placed. Flowers in half a liter of alcohol, insist for two weeks, shaking the container every day. Then the tincture is filtered and dripped three times a day in a tablespoon before meals;
- from garlic: 250 gr. Garlics are crushed, laid into the container and pour 350 gr. any liquid honey, thoroughly mixed and insist during the week. Drink on a tablespoon three times every day.

As a rule, the described treatment of varicose veins by folk remedies leads to noticeable results not earlier than in two months.

Treatment of varicose compresses and ointments

- Ointment of garlic: Garlic grind and stirred with butter, and then superimpose the compress for the night of sore places on the veins. Oil should be twice as bigger than garlic. In the morning, the bandage is removed, wash off the ointment with warm water and put on warm pants and woolen socks (necessarily unlikely);
- A compress of wormwood and sour milk: wormwood is crushed, stirred with fruit milk, impose a medicine on the fabric and impose a bandage on the affected veins for the night. Repeat for 5 days, continue the course after a two-day break.

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